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Demonstration project and business model development: Small-scale solar milk cooling in Kenya

Demonstration of business model: Small-scale solar milk cooling in Kenya

Client: University of Hohenheim (Germany)

Target country: Kenya


  • Analysis of the commercial viability of the system, including finance modelling.

  • Assessment of the finance landscape, especially Micro-Finance Institutes (MFI).

  • Development of 2 demonstration projects: Defining selection criteria; identification of possible sites in cooperation with local governments and NGOs; assessing possible sites and selecting most promising sites; mobilisation of clients / investors, including awareness raising on side of dairy farmers and farmers’ cooperatives; assessment of (potential) benefits of the system for the farmers and cooperatives; negotiation of affordable payment schemes and of an agreement; development of business model.

  • Introduction of a monitoring system and assessment of the economics, both for the users, the aggregators / investors and the system supplier.