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Developing of pilot projects on solar cooling, East and Southern Africa

Developing of pilot projects on solar cooling, East and Southern Africa

Client: German developer of an innovative solar cooling facility for milk and a solar ice-maker

Target countries: Focus on Zambia and Tanzania


  • Analysis of market potential in special consideration of relevant framework conditions, such as grid extension progress and availability of off-grid areas with commercial dynamics, power tariffs and developments, reliability of grid power in rural areas, concrete application potential in off-grid and very weak-grid areas (dairy farming, fishing, etc.).
  • Assessment of relevant international and local programmes, as well as funds aiming at strengthening the value chain (including cooling chain) in selected sectors.
  • Raising interest of the relevant organisations and their programmes in cooperating on a solar cooling pilot project.
  • Analysing the feasibility of the technology in various scenarios, compared to other solutions (e.g. solar battery solutions and solar-diesel solutions).
  • Developing professional business models for the various applications, in both milk and fish cooling, and analysing the feasibility of these business models (including financial modelling).
  • Structuring the pilot projects in consideration of the eligibility criteria of selected funds.
  • Mobilising funds for pilot projects to prove the technical and financial feasibility of the system.