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Initiating and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue

Initiating and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue

A successful business with technical solutions sometimes require a certain enabling political and regulatory framework. For the solution provider, the dialogue with stakeholders, such as policy-makers or policy-influencing actors such as industry associations or donors, is important to make sure that this environment is created. However, the mindset and 'language' of these stakeholders are usually different from that of the private sector. Here, a facilitator can help with: 

  • Assessment of the relevant political and regulatory framework, and of gaps and challenges.
  • Identification of key stakeholders (relevant departments and contacts in the ministries, regulatory commissions, rural electrification agencies, etc.) and of policy-influencing actors (e.g. local industry associations, international donors, NGOs, etc.).
  • Identification of stakeholder platforms where concerns and suggestions of the private company can be brought in (in cooperation with other players of the private sector).
  • Conceptualisation and organisation of stakeholder workshops and meetings, where the private company can raise its concerns and suggestions.
  • Facilitating the dialogue, e.g. moderation of stakeholder workshops, and of meetings with key stakeholders.

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